Greene King Promotional Video with Chris Kamara

Well that was a fun shoot. I was called in by the guys at Rhoda Pond Productions as Cinematographer to shoot a short commercial for their client Greene King pubs. I was fortunate to be able to meet Chris Kamara who stars in the video. What a top bloke who was really down to Earth and made every feel warm and welcome. 

IMG_9815 2.jpg

Sport Relief Event Videos

I did my bit for Sport Relief this year, filming two videos with Bottle PR. The first took us to Blenheim Palace where two teams were set the challenge of rowing across the river (twice). Being the only camera operator there meant I had to sprint across the bridge to capture the teams arrival on the other side. That was interesting! 

The second was filmed in Covent Garden. A 'Dance off' featuring Kimberely Wyatt and Louis Spence. Both awesome people who were up for a laugh and weren't afraid to make a fool of themselves in the name of charity. Both edits that I pulled together quickly after the events can be seen below: 


I travelled down to London the other day to work with the guys at Asaro who create unique experiences for wealthy families. Part of their journey would find them trying to decipher clues from a message left beyond the grave. So we filmed our actress delivering a few lines and added some cool effects to sell the illusion.